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Meet the ParentLink Team

Eileen Goh

First Aid Instructor

Eileen has been teaching first aid for the last 10 years, certified through St John's Ambulance. She is also a faculty member at St John's and a registered nurse.


I really grateful for the Doulas..
Eileen and Jeanette are amazing
They really give me moral support
Eileen r pretty knowledagble too, can give us peace of mind ;)

There was time when Prof Chong suggested for C-sec, Eileen asked him whether he can give us time.. Then, seems like we're buying some time.. And just continue what we're trying to do.
Can't imagine how dissapointed I am if I go for C-sec, even tho..I'm open for that option..

All d best, Di. Hope ParentLink can be a blessing for many familes :)

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