About Conscious Parenting

This parenting course is designed to build confidence in your innate ability to parent with confidence, love, guidance and patience rather than anger and punishment.

Through this course you will learn to:

  • develop your own conscious parenting strategy
  • be aware of alternative methods of parenting
  • set parenting into context by learning about brain development and how parenting influences the brain
  • practical baby care advice
  • contingent strategies in the most important areas of child rearing

Class Content

Basic ModuleSession 1
  • Find out what kind of a parent you want to be
  • Work out how to get there
  • The Brain Develops - Basic knowledge about the brain to help parents understand their children and to see their actions in a different light
  • Learn how to take their child's perspective
CryingSession 2
  • Why do babies cry
  • How to comfort a crying baby
  • How to deal with tantrums effectively
  • Teaching children how to handle intense feelings and how to communicate them
SleepSession 3
  • What sleep patterns can we expect from children
  • How to help our child sleep in peace
  • How to develop good and healthy bed time and sleeping routines
PlaySession 4
  • How to help your child play and receive the most benefit out of it
  • Age appropriate play
  • How to feed your child's natural urge for exploration and learning
Discipline & ConfidenceSession 5
  • How to help children understand the rules of life without hurting them
  • What you can do to have your children's cooperation
  • Avoiding battle in parenting
  • Help your children to grow confident
Sibling LoveSession 6
  • How you can help your children to develop a positive relationship
  • How to make your children feel loved, although they have to share you

A note from our instructor Cornelia Dahinten:

Hello! My name is Cornelia Dahinten and I am originally from Germany. I am a certified Hypnotherapist with a special interest in brain development and neuroscience. I am also a mother of three children, aged 5, 7 and 9.

I have developed a conscious parenting training class for parents because I felt that parenting would be so much easier if we all had the relevant information on hand. Every day, I meet parents who are confused and pressured by baby training programs that do not seem to fit their family and/or baby.

Also, baby trainers often seem to disregard the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Hence, stopping us from reaching long-term visions we have for our children. I want to help parents to find out what they want for their children in the long run and what do they want for themselves. I then help the family to combine the two.

Not every child is the same and not every parent is the same. I will help you to find your own personal way of parenting. Giving you strong tools to reach your vision. There is no right or wrong in the way we parent, but there are plenty of impulses that we can set, that are either positive or negative.

Parents come with their own baggage and history, knowledge and reflection help us to avoid to hand the very same baggage over to our children.

Parents' Comments about the Class

The class teaches you to parent in a very positive way and encourages you to find your own personal style of parenting. Really teaches you to think through strategies for parenting which I found very useful. The course also helped me to really see how I have been moulded by my parent's parenting style, which was a real eye opener.
It opens your eyes on parenting "Do's and Dont's"
I learned a lot!
It's been about soooo many things we didn't know
I especially liked the goal-setting at the first class. I have learned specific useful strategies. I found the Discipline and Sibling Rivalry classes the most compelling and interesting and enriching.
The class is very worthwhile, useful and will definitely improve your parenting skill. BRING A FRIEND!
Cornelia is very knowledgeable and gives a wide variety of information. We all need a parenting course to help us in the path of parenting. This gives us a good solid foundation for our children as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just call +65 9012 0071, or email us to let us know you need to cancel. Refunds are available if notice of cancellation is given at least two weeks before the starting date of the class/session.